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There are no conversion kits available for Desa Vent Free Products!

Vent free Heating Products Manufactured by Desa
Can Not be converted from one gas type of gas to another!

Desa Vent free Heating Products are only certified for the gas type Associated with the
Model number of the Product!

A unique system called an Oxygen Detection Safety-pilot, or ODS

Oxygen Detection Safety-pilot (ODS) technology was adopted by all U.S. manufacturers for all vent-free gas products in the early 1980s.

ODS technology originated in Europe, where it has been used for more than half a century with an outstanding record of safety. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) accident/incident data compiled since 1980 show no documented deaths due to emissions associated with the use of an ODS-equipped vent-free gas heating appliance. Industry engineers say the ODS pilot is to gas what a circuit breaker is to electricity.


Oxygen Detection Safety Pilot (ODS) this technology has been adopted by all US manufactured vent-free gas products. The ODS is considered the circuit breaker for gas appliances.

How it works:

The ODS is designed with three components, an oxygen sensing pilot burner, an thermocouple that is positioned in the mantle of the pilot flame, and a safety shut off(thermocouple) . The design of the pilot is made to be stable with very limited operating range. When low levels of oxygen is detected the pilot flame will be extinguished, this will cause the thermocouple to cool and the loss of millivolts will cause the gas valve to close, not allowing the unit to operate until oxygen has been restored to the living space.

The ODS system consists of three main components:


Every ODS system contains a precision orifice. This orifice will disintegrate with any attempt at drilling it out to enlarge the pilot flame. Additionally, it is not interchangeable with a normal standing pilot. Furthermore, propane and natural gas vent-free products cannot be converted from one type of gas to another.

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This infromation is intended for use by individuals with an adequate knowledge of electrical and mechanical skills. Attempts to repair by individuals without those skills can result in injury, as well as property damage. Contact your local Heating Contractor for service.

Please note that Desa international filed bankruptcy in December 2008 and is no longer in business. is an information site for products manufactured by Desa prior to 2009. This site has owner’s manuals and tech tips that were written by Desa prior to their bankruptcy. You can also find links to purchase parts for Desa products, as well as links to other manufacturers of heating products similar to those previously offered by Desa. Products that were manufactured by Desa should only be serviced by qualified technicians.