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PP200 Ignitor

PP200 Ignitor - hot surface ignitor that replaces the HA1000, 102548-01, 102548-02, 102548-03, 102548-04, 102548-05, 102548-06, 102548-07 Desa ignitors

The PP200 "HSI" Hot Surface Ignitor for Desa kerosene heaters replaces the HA1000 ignitors

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Below is a list of some of the DESA kerosene heaters that use the PP200:

AC-165, B30, B30C, B50, B50A, B50B, B50D – Round, B50D – Square, B50E, B50F, B50G, B50H, B50J, B55, B55BT, B55CT, B60, B65, B65D, B66D – Round, B66D – Square, B70, B70B, B70BT, B70D, B70DT, B70ET, B75, B80, B90, B99D, B100, B100A, B100AAK, B100B, B100C/F, B100D, B100G, B100KD, B110, B110A, B110B, B110BT, B110T, B115, B115CT, B115DT, B115T, B120, B125C, B140, B140D, B150, B150A, B150B, B150C, B150CAK, B150D, B150F, B150FT, B150G, B150GT, B150H, B150J, B150JT, B150KD, B150M, B155/A/C, B155CT, B155DT, B155T, B165, B165A, B165AT, B165CT, B165DT, B165T, B200, B200AT, B200BT, BC40, BC55CT, BC55T, BC70ET, BC70T, BC115CT, BC115T, BC115DT, BC165CT, BC165T, BC165DT, BV115T, M100VT, M125T, M125AT, M140VT, M150D, M150S, M170AT, M170T, M200AT, M200T, M200VT, M350, M600, MARK50, MARK50D, MARK75D, MARK120D, MARK140D, MARK150D, MC60, MMV400A, MS80, MV/MMV440, MV120, MV250, PK55, PK60, PK70T, PK110, PK115T, PK165T, PKC115DT, PKC165DT, PKC70ET, PKHD170T, PKHD200T, R30, R35, R35A, R35B, R35D, R35E, R40, R40T, R50, R50A, R50B, R50BT, R55, R55A, R55B, R55BT, R55CT, R55M, R60, R60A, R60D, R70

Alternate part numbers the PP200 replaces are: HA1000, HA1000-MP6, HA1000MP6, PP200-MP4, PP200MP4 102337-01, 10233701, 102337-02, 10233702, 102337-04, 10233704, 102548-01, 102548-03, 10254803, 102548-07, 10254807, 112072-01, 11207201, 21933

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